Articles Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

“The Aporia of the Veil: The Influence of Walter Benjamin’s Aura in Contemporary Sound Studies” Sound Studies. Volume 6, Issue 1, 2020. 2-13.

“How the Mimeographed Little Magazine ‘Sounds’ in 1960s Counterculture.” Journal of       Literary and Intermedial Crossings. Volume 5, Issue 1, 2020. 1-22.

Articles Published in Edited Volumes

The Stoop: Anne Waldman’s Early Beat Drama.” Beat Drama, edited by Deborah Geis, Bloomsbury/ Methuen, 2016.

Peer-Reviewed Digital Humanities Projects

“Networking the New American Poetry.” Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. May 2019.   

  Public Scholarship

“Building Rhetoric(s) of Narrative in the First-Year Writing Classroom,” found on the Language, Arts, and Media Program at Duke Blog:

Book Manuscript in Preparation (expected completion: August 2020)

 (Re)Mediating the Page: Poetic Texts and Technologies since 1945

-Using eight influential literary magazines, I examine how sound—as a phenomenon of the poetic voice, as technologically reproduced, and as performed in print—influences the reception and dissemination of American poetry after World War II.